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Hi, I’m Kelly and this is my family of five appetites. I love cooking and sharing great food with my family and friends. Cooking is an opportunity to give and indulge!  The art of cooking is being imaginative and inventive for me.  The whole creative process of preparing food and appreciating results is a social occasion.  

My inspiration began with Thanksgiving feasts prepared by my father.  To this day, Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! Food brings people together and I always feel thankful to share a great meal with loved ones.


I grew up in a thickly settled Italian area of Southern Connecticut. Italian cooking was a huge influence throughout my life! Overall I value international cuisine and savor being creative with ingredients.

My kitchen opened up to a world of spices after marrying my Mediterranean man.  God Bless my Lebanese mother-in-law who barely spoke English, but she made perfect sense to me in the kitchen!

Five Appetites is not just about feeding a family of five.  It is about influencing my children to appreciate fresh, healthy, homemade food in a world filled with prepackaged, fast-food options. My biggest challenge is satisfying three completely unpredictable appetites.

I believe recipes should be simple, sensible and fresh. I enjoy enhancing natural flavors and coming up with my own twist on dishes. It is about celebrating the culinary process and appreciating results that make satisfying appetites worthwhile.  

So I hope enjoy!   




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