Jul 312013

S’more have become so popular that America has honored this treat with its very own special day. Did you know that? August 10th is National S’mores Day!

Yum! S’mores is a big hit with my children and their friends anytime of the year. So I have taken to preparing s’mores in batches with less mess and hassle!! A tray of  s’mores baked in the oven is ready in 5 minutes for all guests to enjoy together! 


Method:  Bake one half of the graham cracker with a marshmallow for 4-5 minutes on 350 F  degrees.  Meanwhile line up the other half of graham crackers along with chocolate squares on the serving tray.  I never place chocolate in the oven since it will becomes too gooey and will melt once topped with the toasted marshmallow half!

A tray s’mores passed around at a backyard BBQ doesn’t last long. Occasionally I get a little creative using chocolate graham cracker on one half and honey on the other!



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