May 302013

Discovering our world of salts is a great way to play with flavor in food.  I was introduced to a variety of gourmet salts at a chef’s tasting this past year.  Nobody cares about this stuff until they try a juicy hickory smoked sirloin burger, right?! Immediately I was inspired to stock new minerals in my pantry! 


  • French grey sea salt, or Sel Gris, is harvested using the traditional Celtic methods, entirely by hand, using only wooden tools. This preserves the pure taste of the French salt, and produces a very special moist crystalline texture. Sel Gris is also lower in sodium chloride content than average sea salts.
  • Murray River pink salt is from the basin of Australia’s largest river.  It is a pretty pinkish-peach color and offers a mild flavor that melts quickly. It is the perfect salt to use as a garnish or as a finishing salt at the table.
  • Salish Smoked Salt is an organic Pacific Sea salt that is dried over red alder wood. This smoky, brown salt is great to add to ground sirloin burgers or any BBQ meats. 
  • Alaea is a reddish brown Hawaiian table salt that is unprocessed and rich in over 80 unique natural seawater minerals.  The color due to the addition of a red volcanic clay called Alaea.  It is less salty than iodine salt and intensely crunchy.
  • Black mineral salt from India is actually pinkish gray with sulfurous mineral taste that is much like hardboiled egg yolks.  It is used in Indian cuisine as a condiment and added to chaats and chutneys and many other savory Indian dishes.

Gray salt was my all time favorite to finish and flavor enhance dishes. Now I experiment with a variety of different salts to marinade, enhance flavor or finish off prepared meals.  

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